MRIme by BrainCast

Introducing MRIme: Our Interactive Software Platform Empowering Sports Physicians to Effortlessly Map, and Track Athlete Brain Health

Team data, all in one place

Gain an instant snapshot of your team’s brain health with BrainCast’s Team Aggregated Grey Matter Maps. Understand collective brain data at a glance for comprehensive insights into your team’s well-being.

Visualise each athlete's data

Tailored brain health insights using advanced multi-tissue measurements for each individual, tracked over time. We generate spatial maps and real 3D renders of each athletes brain  to visualise the data for each analyses in the most efficient way possible. Cycle through regions of the brain to delve deeper into each area.

Summarise each tissue type

Explore individualized multi-tissue summaries with BrainCast: Dive deep into the white matter microstructure, grey matter volume, ventricle volume and lesion maps, where subtle changes can influence cognitive function and vital neural processes.

Track brain measurements over time

Our analysis tracks white matter changes over time, providing insights for detecting and monitoring neurodegenerative diseases or brain injuries. By comparing these changes to healthy controls or previous data, we can identify abnormalities and potential disease progression before significant symptoms emerge.

Providing Ultimate Clarity

BrainCast utilises quantitative analysis to transform the ambiguity of concussion injuries into precise, data-driven insights, providing clarity for physicians.